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Inventory Management Services

Are you seeking an Inventory Management Service that provides fast, professional and accurate service? 

Then look no further.

One World Agents Limited prides itself on its ability to provide speedy, yet accurate professional reports, which are easily understood by both Landlords and Tenants. 

All our Inventory Clerks are professionally trained and are very competent in this area. Please note that at One World Agents, we do also provide Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Services and have been working in partnership with Estate Agents for years. Therefore, we are very experienced in this area and are also knowledgeable of the measures to check against to compile accurate reports.  

We provide: 

Property Inventory Report - from £60.00

Our Inventory Report is very detailed and straightforward. It is descriptive of all the facilities and their fixtures and fittings within the premises. The report will entail the condition of the property, giving information of the existing state of all items and any damage or deterioration present, and is also complimented by photographic images.

Check-in Report - from £55.00

Our Check-in Report service involves a point by point check with the new tenant of the premises ensuring that the tenant is happy with the current inventory report. Should there be any dissimilarities, these will be discussed and noted. Once, the tenant, estate agent/landlord are all satisfied with the Inventory report, it is signed and becomes a legal document.

During the Check In process the quantity of keys copied, the existing meter readings and any other immediate matter will be noted.

Check Out Report - from £60.00

The Check out report is compiled at the end of the tenancy term. The original inventory will be consulted to conduct a thorough check to ascertain the current condition of the property. The condition of the property and all its facilities will be measured against the premises' state at occupancy to conclude whether there are any damages, lost or replaced items and its cleanliness.

Digital images will be taken, items for further attention will be tagged and notes will be taken.The state of the property at check out will indicate whether the Landlord should be permitted to deduct any expenses from the the tenancy deposit.


Inspection Report/Interim Report - from £55.00

An Inspection Report/Interim report is recommended to all Landlords/Agents. Interim checks of a rented property should be done every six months to ensure that the property is being properly maintained, and to ensure that any repairs necessary is attended to before they compound into more expensive problems.

So contact us today using or contact form or call us on 01322 333368 for timely and accurate inventory/check-out/check-in services

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