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Retail Cleaning Services London

Our Retail Cleaning Service is all about the cleanliness of you commercial space. A clean commercial space lends to the attractiveness and marketability of your business. 

One World Agents retail cleaning division can provide a range of specialist cleaning services to both small boutiques, large departments stores or shopping malls.

Our Store Cleaning Services London staff, have been trained to professionally clean boutiques, stores and malls with minimal disruption. We can provide you with staff to suit your requirements, whether service is required in the early in the morning, during the day time, or late evenings. 

They will ensure your store is spotless and perfect for trading.

So if you are looking for Retail Cleaning Services in London cleaning Then please call us at anytime on 01322 333368 or contact us to request a free quote for contract cleaning service

Surgery Cleaning Services London


Our Surgery Cleaning Services London team is a fully trained, experienced group. They are trained in health and safety, surgery colour codes, and surgery cleaning requirements. They carry out there duties with the utmost care as they understand the dangers of infections and contamination.  

Our Surgery cleaning services covers the cleaning of clinics, veterinaries, dental surgeries and doctors surgeries.  

We take seriously the importance of cleanliness and sanitation, and we never compromise on this. We have a vast knowledge of what needs to be done.

Hourly based cleaning is charged at - £12.00 per hour.

Please remember that all our staff are DBS checked for your safety.

Please call anytime 01322 333368 or contact us to request a quote for contract cleaning services.

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